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Cast and Crew

Gillian Wright (Gail) in And All The Children Cried (photo by Sheila Burnett)

New End Theatre and IDX Productions Ltd in association with West Yorkshire Playhouse present
And All The Children Cried
by Judith Jones & Beatrix Campbell, in collaboration with Annie Castledine

An extraordinary dramatic enquiry into what people do with their power and their pain.

Two women are in prison. Their crimes? Killing children. One woman is optimistic that she will be released. The other is consumed by a sense of injustice – for her, life probably means life. The women face each other, and the audience, with confessions that confront our attitudes towards crime and punishment.

"No play has moved or challenged me more this year."
Daily Telegraph

The second half of the play is an open debate on the issues raised, with guest speakers including Mo Mowlam, Clare Short, Simon Hughes and Lord Justice Sedley. For the full schedule of confirmed speakers, please click here.

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