The Arts Council: free-for-all commentary
(The Guardian, 21 April 2005)

Corporate sponsorship: "it's a marketing activity
just like advertising, or PR, or direct mail."

(Bloomberg, 4 March 2005)

A valuable model for arts managers on
the on-going dance of cost and value.

(The Artful Manager blog, 2 March 2005)

Ticket Agents: users' guide to buying and selling tickets
(Office of Fair Trading report)

"The arts, it is thought, will transform regions, improving the local economy and tackling social divisions ... It doesn't matter so much what is on the stage, so long as people are being 'creative'". The proliferation of (Lottery funded) venues: the dearth of artistic product to put in them.
(Spiked Online, 8 December 2004)

The slow asphyxiation of our Scottish, Welsh and English National opera companies. Now where's that fat lady?
(Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musicale, 8 December 2004)

"The disappearance of the Broadway play poses a significant problem for anyone who wants to make a living writing plays."
(John Weidman, quoted in New York Times, 7 December 2004)

West End tickets now cost £65 ... Phil McIntyre Productions raises the cost of a West End ticket above Broadway's top price barrier
(Acorn Antiques announced, 2 december 2004)

The Classics in the Slums: an essay for all audience developers
(Jonathan Rose, City Journal, Autumn 2004)

The twelve most interesting theatre companies in the USA?
(according to American Theatre Magazine, december 2004)

The West End: "What's required is more vision from theatre owners and producers, and a determination to offer the widest possible variety of drama and entertainment in premises fit for the 21st century."
(Charlie Spencer in The Telegraph, 29 November 2004)

How to be a successful playwright?
Go on a self-promotion binge.

(by joining this Yahoo.com group)

Culture wars now have UN peacekeepers, too: "Italy alone ... was given responsibility for protecting and restoring Iraq's cultural heritage."
(The Guardian, 28 October 2004)

"Popularity no longer has a monopoly on profitability."
The long tail of entertainment marketing and distribution

(Wired, October 2004)

"Where have the impresarios gone?"
(New York Times, 3 OCTOBER 2004)

"Lasting political art tends to be more covert than overt ... "
(New York Times, 30 July 2004)

"The moment we're in is not a moment of defeat ...
the moment we are in is a moment of renaissance ."

Ben Cameron, Theater Communications Group, NYC
(quoting Doug Rushkoff)

Don't Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be ...

“My son is never, never going to become an actor.”
Franco Vitali, Aaron Mullan
and the $250,000, 2-performance Hamlet

Who needs Sophocles?
Operation Homecoming

Why is art not reflecting world events?
(The Independent, 17 June 2004)

"Access to the substandard is access to disappointment which will translate into an unwillingness to keep paying. It will not inspire or raise levels of aspiration, and in the end is not worthwhile. That is why excellence has to be at the heart of cultural subsidy, and that is what we must insist on."
Tessa Jowell (Government and the Value of Culture May 2004)

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